Publications Committee 

The Publications Committee is responsible for the publication of the TACA Journal, by soliciting, assembling and submitting written material to the designated Secretariat or named publisher.

The written material is intended to:

  • Promote the organization’s vision;
  • Promote the organization’s positive efforts in promoting court administration;
  • Inform the membership of the organization’s goals;
  • Inform the membership of future education opportunities;
  • Inform the membership of scholarship opportunities;
  • Inform the membership of current legislative issues;
  • Inform the membership of current issues on ethics, professionalism and court management;
  • Educate the membership and the public of current trends in court administration;
  • Recognize members and the courts they serve; and,
  • Foster unity and professionalism among the membership.

Kim Quillin

Publications Liaison

Court CoordinatorCollin County

468th District Court

2100 Bloomdale Rd., Ste 20276

McKinney, Texas 75071

(972) 547-7260 

Katrina Blunk
Publications Committee Chair

Court Administrator, Montgomery County
435th District Court
207 W. Phillips Ste. 307 Offices, Ste. 302 Courtroom

Conroe, Texas 77301


Committee Members

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