Texas Association for Court Administration 

Nominations Committee 

The Nominations Committee is responsible for continues fostering of interest in the leadership role among the membership. the Immediate Past Chair serves as the committee chairperson. The committee shall consist of five members in good standing, which has been a regular member for 3 years or more. The committee should be comprised of members who represent the interest of the following court types: 

a representative of and urban court; 

a representative of a multi- county court; 

a representative of a county court at law; 

a representative of a rural court; and 

a representative of a court of general jurisdiction

Annual Elections for Board of Directors takes place at the Annual Conference. If you are interested in becoming a Board of Directors, who's responsibilities are to provide direction and leadership to the members of the organization, reach out to any of the committee member. You can declare your candidacy by August 1, 2024, or you can be nominated from the floor at the business luncheon with a letter of support from your Judge. 

Declaration of Candidacy submission deadline is August 1, 2024.

Declaration of Candidacy form  



Nominations Chair

Court Coordinator, Harris County

Criminal Court at Law No. 2

1201 Franklin 8th Floor

Houston, TX 7y7002-1900

(832) 927-3126 ext. 3127


Committee Members
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